Car Accident in Stewartsville on US Highway 36 Ends in Tragedy

On Saturday, April 23rd, a deadly accident occurred near Stewartsville. While troopers cleared the scene, one lane of traffic on westbound U.S. Highway 36 was closed. The Dekalb County Sheriffs’ Department and Missouri State Highway Patrol were both called to the accident scene west of Stewartsville.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol crash report, Wanda L. Findley, age 81, and Peggy J. Rhinehart, age 86, both of Bethany, Missouri were instantly killed after exiting Sharp Road and merging onto westbound 36 Highway into an oncoming semi truck. When the semi truck hit the rear of the vehicle, it was sent into the air and both women died at the scene. Fortunately, the passengers of the semi truck sustained from injuries.

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