Below please find the testimonials for Alvin and Alexander Wolff. If you have been injured in a car accident, trucking accident, slip and fall accident or due to the negligence of another individual or business contact us today. We also have experience helping those that have lost a loved one due to medical malpractice.

Alvin and his staff were terrific.  We were well taken care of.  His office is completely electronic so that everything we gave him was scanned and put in its proper place.  He never told us he lost something and to resend it.


I want to thank Alvin Wolff and his staff for a job well done. I would give them 10 out of 10 and would refer to him in the future for my legal needs of a personal injury nature. I have referred him clients already.


I was hit by a car while bicycling last year, and initially the incident seemed simple enough that I didn’t consider involving a lawyer. My first interaction with the driver’s insurance company, however, convinced me that I would benefit from a representation. Alvin Wolff was recommended to me by a good friend, and that recommendation ended up saving me a huge amount of time, anxiety, and money. Alvin made sure I was quickly compensated for the damage to my bicycle and gear, and immediately started the process to secure reimbursement for my medical bills.


What seemed simple initially turned into a much more complicated situation than I could have imagined, and without the hard work, guidance, and skill of Alvin Wolff, the case would have been a very bad experience for me. Thanks to Alvin, my involvement in the case was extremely minimal, and he handled all of the difficult issues. I ended up with a very reasonable settlement, and would not hesitate to recommend Alvin Wolff to anyone else needing to navigate the legal system after an accident.


I was injured approaching some railroad tracks in Steamboat Springs. The railroad didn’t warn about the work that they were doing and I spun out on some road base, fell off my bike and injured my face and teeth. Alvin worked hard and got me a good settlement that put me back on track and which made up for my losses incurred from the fall. I highly recommend Alvin and his firm.

S.K. Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. So many lawyers had turned me down because there wasn’t a case, so they said. I was referrred to Alvin Wolff and he did a great job and I would recommend him to anyone! He gave me monies when I thought that I wouldn’t get anything for my injury. He made a hopeless situation a satisfactory one.

Laverne McMillan

I hired Alvin Wolff & Associates from the referral of a close family friend. I had experienced the amputation of my leg and was going through the most traumatic time in my life. My experiences with lawyers was limited and therefore I did not know what to expect. Alvin

and Associates were very caring and professional and guided me when necessary. Alvin and his Team performed a tremendous amount of research in order to reach the final settlement in my malpractice suit.

As one can imagine, the settlement amount could never replace my loss, but I truly feel that Alvin & Associates represented me to the best of their abilities and reached an outcome that was their best. I could recommend their team to a friend.

Janet R.

Alvin Wolff Jr & Associates,

I walked in the doors of your law firm seeking advice, feeling helpless, angry and looking for compensation for something where compensation may not rightfully be due. I felt I was asking for the impossible. Not knowledgeable or familiar with the legal process I had to trust in you, and I did. When I didn’t understand something I asked questions. And when I still didn’t understand, I trusted you knew what you were doing. After all, you are the expert. You always kept me informed of your progress. The times when things seemed positive, they seemed very positive. When things seemed bleak, it was scary. I worried and feared the worst. Then I would ask myself and realize, Alvin knows what he is doing and you continued to chisel away in this case. You approached this in ways I would have never thought of, or considered pertinent, you pursued avenues beyond my imagination. Again, I worried, but why? You knew what you were doing. There was always an open door relationship. Not just between you, but I could talk to Carrie at anytime as well.

I brought before you a challenge, a BIG challenge. You were asked “To find that needle in the hay stack”. You agreed to take this case not really knowing what to expect. While my expectations where high.

Alvin, I’m sure there were trying moments at times that you felt you should have said “NO” to us, or may have second guessed your decision to take the case, but you didn’t, you worked hard and diligently. As time grew closer and we approached the “deadline” you were well prepared, more so than me, I was still nervous, scared.

When you asked me what amount of compensation I was looking for I didn’t know how to respond to that question. How do you put a dollar amount on something so priceless?

Bottom line, when I lay my head down at night I can honestly say I came into your office with nothing, only one goal, one request, compensation for something that was lost/broken. You helped me obtain that.

As you said “do you wish for more”? Sure, it’s only human, but something is better than nothing. Your expertise, knowledge and skills have worked in our favor. I am glad I pursued this for Jess’s sake and for my own peace of mind that she will be a little better off in life. I was pointed in the direction of this law firm by a referral and I could not have asked for a more experienced attorney or more reputable law firm to handle this case.

My sincere thanks to you Alvin, along with Carrie and Kathy that worked hard for her and anyone else I haven’t met or mentioned as well.

Mary Ann H.
Assistant Court Clerk St. Charles County

I came to Alvin with a difficult case that two lawyers had rejected. He took it on and got a very good resolution after a thorough investigation and some tough negotiation.


It is my pleasure to write this reference about Alvin Wolff Jr. and his staff. Alvin joined our team of attorney’s because of his expertise in the medical field. I can truly say that Alvin does not sleep. His compassion for the law is uncanny. He doesn’t stop and doesn’t take no for an answer. He always applies the integrity and dignity an attorney should possess. My case lasted 3 years. There was an extreme amount of depositions taken, two mediations and a hearing. Alvin kept up the pace even though it was extremely frustrating and everywhere he turned there were roadblocks. Alvin kept his composure. I was the type of person that would constantly ask questions concerning every avenue. he would keep me posted through the good times, bad times and hurtful times. He was always truthful, upstanding and straight forward with everything, even with the hardest things to tell me. He would never stoop to the lowest level, that the other attorneys seemed to have no reservations resorting to. Alvin’s staff is outstanding. If Alvin was in court or tied up with a client, I would talk to Beth, his paralegal and have my questions addressed immediately.

Should you need an honorable and tough lawyer, I would certainly recommend Alvin Wolff. You won’t regret it.


Debra Angelbeck

St. Charles, MO

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of your efforts. Thank you for being that type of person.

Congratulation Alvin, on Super Lawyer! Holy cow that was quite a nomination process. Something to be very proud of.

Keep me posted! Thank you again.



Alvin did a great job and got the case resolved for nearly double what our other lawyer had as an offer.



I would recommend Alex to anyone and everyone. Alex is great. It was a matter of time and Alex let me know this. Your office needs no changes!


I was happy with everything Alex has done for me! You are doing a wonderful job!


I was very impressed with Mr. Wolff’s response time! I called him weekends, nights, vacation and all sorts of odd hours and he seemed to be always available and always on top of my case. I was also impressed at his efficiency and how quickly he tackled and resolved issues, many times while I was still talking with him. I don’t know if this man ever eats, sleeps or takes a break from the work of representing his clients. I always felt I was “in good hands” with Mr. Wolff.

I called and emailed numerous attorneys for months, looking for one would take my case. Everyone that I contacted told me my case was not something they could handle. Then I received a personal call from Mr. Alvin Wolff who stated he may be able to help me. After my initial consultation with Mr. Wolff, I felt relief for the first time in months that someone saw my case and believed I was right. This was especially empowering since I felt vulnerable, violated, and treated unfairly by the company I was suing. I am very pleased with Mr. Wolff and firm. He effectively communicated with me on the status of the case, handling it expertly and successfully. I would highly recommend Mr. Wolfe, and know who my attorney will be if I ever need one again.

I turned to Alvin Wolff following an automobile accident. I had spent three days in the hospital and I knew that I wanted an attorney to defend our interests but did not know where to turn. A friend referred us to Alvin Wolff and we have not regretted our choice for even one moment. From the beginning he was friendly, helpful, easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. There were medical bills involved and an opposing insurance company with which to deal. He negotiated the difficult terrain of medical costs and he represented us without us having to go to court. We are very satisfied with the way he handled the matter and with the results of the settlement. We highly recommend Alvin Wolff for his friendly and competent advocacy.

All the way from Hawaii I gut hurt on the first day of a 30 day fluke ski accident in Colorado. It was a waste of a planned 30 day ski trip. But the one thing I can take back with me is having the pleasure and honor of meeting Attorney Alvin Wolff jr. and satisfied with the houtcome of my case. Aloha and see you on the slopes next year!


Andrea and I would like to restate how well pleased we are with all the efforts that you put forward to make sure that this suit was successful. We were amazed at the time and personal attention you gave to ensuring that our sister got all that she deserved as a result of this tremendous injustice that was perpetrated on her. We left the hospital after that painful day, in seeking understanding, we were advised by a colleague to contact your office. Consequently, it was a home-run. It was not just a home run because you got our sister a good settlement. It was a home run because you took the case as a personal endeavor and put your heart and sweat into it. I don’t want to dismiss any member of your staff that played on your team; however, I cannot give any credit to anyone that was not on the field. Alvin, as my sister’s attorney, you were there. Andrea and I did not see anyone play the role that you played. You were given the baton and you ran across the finish line superbly . No other name can we give the credit to.


We wanted to thank you for representing our family in B’s settlement. Thanks to your good work we could add to W and R’s inheritance and catch the attention of the hospital so that aortic dissection may be treated ther next time.

Thanks again and take care,


Alvin Wolff helped me get a settlement that was higher than I ever imagined. I was injured in June, 2009 and I received a large settlement in November, 2009. I was extremely happy with his responsiveness and service from his office staff. I would recommend Alvin Wolff and his firm to anybody who needs a lawyer involved in a motor vehicle crash.

Lynette Reid St. Louis, Missouri

“Mr. Wolff came highly recommended by a family friend. We had been seeing another attorney and switched. Mr. Wolff worked very hard on the case for more than three years. He was prompt, thorough and did his job with excellence. He called in an expert from New York, he had several doctors testify on our behalf and for those witnesses who could not appear in court, he had video-taped depositions. He got in touch with the ambulance drivers and rescue squad workers who picked up our son to take him to the hospital.”


“It was my first time dealing with this type of thing. Mr. Wolff took the time to sit down and explain to us what could be done, could not be done, and how to go about it. He investigated the case – got all records from the nursing home and from the hospital and he did research on it. We were pleased with the job. He presented a good case. Talked to all the people and he prepared me for the case really well.”


“My husband and I called ten lawyers and interviewed three face to face. We chose Mr. Wolff because he was honest, upfront, and very blunt. He felt angry because we were abused by the system and he took a personal interest in helping us try to make this country more aware of the need for better heath care. He spent three years working day and night on the case.”